Atul Srivastava shot in a 104-degree fever for his upcoming film Kabaad-The coin

Atul Srivastava shot in a 104-degree fever for his upcoming film Kabaad-The coin. Atul Shrivastava started to act and his fever started

New Delhi: There is a saying in the cinematic world that “Show Must Go On“. Famous actor Atul Srivastava is riding high on the pinnacle of success, but still he is very down to earth as a person. For his upcoming film, “Kabaad-The Coin”, he shot for straight 24 hours in a condition of fever at 104 degree. This states that he is an epitome of professionalism, success and he understands the value of success as well.

Director Varadraj Swami told about Atul Srivastav, they were shooting in a chowl of Jogeshwari, due to the hectic schedule they had to shoot at a stretch of 24 hours as they didn’t have the option of re-installing the schedule again and again and on that day most of the scenes were of Atul Srivastava.

During early morning, we were preparing for his scene and the lighting was going on. When Atul Srivastava came, then Shahzad said that Atul is not feeling well. After some time, I went to his vanity; I saw that he was suffering from severe fever of 103, 104 degree. He was groaning with pain and I became helpless, on seeing this, I was sceptical if he would be able to shoot for the scene, but that day was very important for us as we did not have the option of setting up chawl once again and if we would have to pack up then the producer would have to suffer a huge amount of loss.

Due to that reason, I was under a lot of pressure and on seeing the condition of Atul Srivastava, I was not in the position of putting any pressure on him. Hence, I told my co-producer Deepak Prajapat to take him to a doctor. Since we were shooting on a highway, we did not have any doctor nearby. Atul Srivastava said that he doesn’t visit a doctor who is below the degree of MBBS and he also said that he doesn’t suit english medicines. Still, I insisted that he should go to the clinic but unfortunately the clinic was closed that day and he came back.

I went to the medical store nearby and since I had the understanding of some medicines, I purchased some medicines and gave it to him. At first he refused but on my persistent requests, he agreed to consume those medicines. Despite he didn’t feel any kind of relief and I said to him to take rest. Till then, we decided to shoot some scenes of Vivaan Shah and I gave him some warm water and Naturopathy treatment. He underwent the treatment in vanity and after taking rest for two hours, I noticed that he wasn’t still he was not feeling well. But Atul ji said that he wanted to shoot and although I requested him to take rest, still he said that I would shoot.

Atul Shrivastava started to act and his fever started to increase, but still his involvement was so deep that he shot for whole night and he also shot for the action sequence in last stage. There was a lot of running involved in the scene and it was extremely difficult to shoot. But, still he gave that scene so beautifully that the whole crew was watching with pride. Everyone started claping with applause. I saw that Atul had a fever of 103 degree and he started smiling on hearing the claps. He said that his fever has subsided and now he is feeling better.

On seeing this incident, I would say that the devotion of the artist determines the quality of life he lives. The example of Atul Srivastava is an inspiration for the whole world and actors; it is an example for those people who know how to poetry the character, how to sacrifice for the character. Despite being physically unfit, he completed the whole schedule.

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