Varadraj swami cast Masaan fame actor Bhagwan Tiwari for Kabaad- the coin


Entertainment Desk (New Delhi): Acclaimed filmmaker Varadraj Swami is ready with his upcoming film Kabaad-The Coin. Which revolves around the human psychology of money. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is running after money and everyone feels money is everything. There is a strange assumption that if someone has money, then his life is successful if someone doesn’t have money, and then he is a loser. So, the desperation of humans to attain money has been showcased in the story of this movie by historic Ram- Siya Coin.

According to reports, Varadraj had cast a brilliant actor of Masaan fame Bhagwan Tiwari in a very important character of an honest Marathi Cop.

Varadraj Swami told that when the casting of the movie- Kabaad -The Coin was being done, we needed a police officer who appears to be very corrupt, and his face has full of cruelty. It means, called a very cold-hearted person.

The most important quality of this policeman was that he should appear a corrupt cop in first look only. Just like the common man thinks that he is corrupt, at the same time he stuns everyone with his honesty.

We were meeting with many actors to play this character, but it wasn’t easy initially and this process took more than 40 days for its casting to get complete. In the initial stages, we were not able to find anyone who could satisfy us with his audition and at the same time, he would appear to be a Marathi character. Soon, our problem started growing as we were not able to find such a powerful face.

Finally, we came across Bhagwan Tiwari after watching the film Masaan. Our casting director Ajit Vishwakarma called him our office and after talking to him for a long time, I realized that Bhagwan Tiwari has all the qualities of the character that we are looking for.

This way, we had cast Bhagwan Tiwari in the character of Jiten Lokhande. Bhagwan Tiwari has played beautifully the character with a lot of honesty and I feel that his performance will be liked by the audience.

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