‘FIRST BELL’ of Kerala Government for online classes.


News Desk (Esha): The Kerala government has started online classes for 45 lakh students for their new academic year in the state. The online sessions/virtual classes named ‘FIRST BELL’ has been telecasting since June 1, 2020, through VICTORS channel under the state general education department for classes 1 to 12 from 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening on weekdays. The channel is available for free of cost on cable networks, internet and direct- to- home.

The initiative is taken by the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) to avoid the loss of studies to students amid COVID- 19. KITE has set up a proper time table for all the classes from Monday to Friday except for class 11. It has also made available at least 1.2 lakh laptops, over 700 projectors and nearly 4545 televisions for the students who might need it.

“We have entrusted the class teachers and school headmasters or principals to make sure that students have access to a television or a smartphone or a computer, and internet for the classes. If not, they should find an alternative for the students to attend the online classes either in real-time or later,” Director of Public Instruction [DPI] K Jeevan Baby said.

KITE further clarified that classes which are taken in the first week will be repeated in the second week as well for the convenience of the students who have been missing it due to no access to online studies or television.

According to the sources Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday evening announced that those students who don’t have access to online learning, television and smartphones will attend at Neighbourhood Study Centres. These Centres shall come up with a classroom equipped with a television to air VICTORS channel.

According to the PTI, NGOs and local self-government institutions are already running digital classrooms in Dalit colonies and Adivasi areas.
Meanwhile, State Education Minister Raveendranath has sought a piece of advice on these trial classes which are open to further improvements.

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