COVID-19: What went wrong? – Prediction to Reality – G.S. Rathee

– Captain G.S. Rathee
Socio-Political activist

As per Dr. V.K. Paul, Member & Head of Govt. Empowered Committee on Medical Management, (NITI Aayog) who presented a hypothetical study in April to the Government stating that there will be Zero #Covid19 cases by 16th May. After due diligence it was found that this mentally bankrupt fellow asked his Paediatric Doctor friend from Maulana Azad Medical College to make this report. It is not only his case, 80-90% of data is either fake or half-prepared by other officials. One can imagine that a Scientific research body like the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is deprived from their major work and pushed towards data collection, which is not their task. What was the role of #NCDC ? RED/ORANGE/GREEN Zones are created on base of fabricated database. The press conferences are stopped. Governments are hiding the real figures. But they should understand that the dead also speak. Now here is one question. What kind of punishment should be levied on people like V.K Paul, for misguiding and pushing Nation towards huge disaster. These kind of system parasites are real threat to the nation and should be booked under NSA. Remember the time will loudly question each of these involved in coming times.

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